What are we building?

Our dream is to reach children and teens and their families through a...

  1. Indoor Community Playground,
  2. Space for our Junior and Senior High Ministries,
  3. Space for our Pre-Teen Ministries,
  4. An Additional Nursery,
  5. Audio-Visual Updates in the Main,
  6. Paving the Driveway,
  7. Additional Parking, and
  8. Renovation of Two Brick Cabins at The Lodge

These improvements also allow us to re-purpose our current building to have additional pre-school ministry space, elementary space, and more room for Prayer Encounter and adult classrooms!

How much is the cost? Our best estimate is $4.2 million.

How will this be paid for? The congregation is being challenged to make three-year financial pledges over and above their regular giving to the ongoing ministry of the church. The expansion will be paid for with this money.

What happens if our church pledges more than $4.2 million?

We believe this could actually happen! Pledging more than this amount would allow us to pay off our current debt as well, which would free us to move into Phase 2 of our Master Plan even more quickly!

When will my pledge be made, and for how long?

Pledges will be made on Pledge Sunday, March 26! On that Sunday, our congregation will be asked to bring in a cash offering and to pledge for 3 years.  

When will the new areas be available?

Lord-willing, construction will begin this summer and be completed close to the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018.

Your First Step: PRAY

Sacrificial giving usually requires us to move outside our comfort zone and stretches our faith as we give beyond our normal gifts. Please make the amount of your gift a matter of prayer, seeking to find what God wants you to give.

Your Second Step: COMMIT

It is vital that everyone in our church faithfully seeks God’s guidance about what they should do and then express that faith in a financial and prayer commitment. Our goal is 100% participation. Come ready to pledge on Sunday, March 26!