Lead Pastor - JIM BROWN

Lead Pastor - JIM BROWN

Dear Gracie,

From the Desk of Pastor Jim Brown 

I wanted to pause before moving on and say thank you for making Grace Community your home church. Thanks for making the world a better place by living out your faith for Jesus. I sincerely believe that Grace Community is aplace where hope can be found in Jesus for anyone.

With that being said, we have 150k people in Elkhart County who would be considered unchurched. Stop and consider that fact. That breaks my heart and at the same time motivates me to reach them. God has positioned us to be a mooring point of hope for our community and to offer them life in Jesus.

It has become clearly obvious that we have hit the ceiling in our ability to continue to reach out further in our facility. We have children’s ministries overflowing, no adequate space for Junior and Senior High Youth Ministries, limited space for prayer encounter, overflowing worship services, limited parking and traffic backups. Plus we long to find more ways to use our building to reach the unchurched. And we long to push deeper into the community of Syracuse and elevate the ways we can refresh and refuel families at The Lodge.

In order to do these things we need you. We can’t do it without you! The time has come for us to GET OFF THE BUS and GET IN THE GAME! We have a chance to create new spaces where people can be won to Jesus. 

Would you please take time and pray and ask the LORD how He longs for you to give to this exciting venture? Keep in mind, someone else did it for you! Someone else sacrificed so that you and your family could grow in Jesus.  As you watch the video allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to get in the game and give generously to this dream from God!


Pastor Jim